The SilvaGro Partnership


275 Lear Road
Quesnel BC
V2J 5V5
phone (250) 992-8631

Map to Quesnel

SilvaGro Quesnel Nursery:

  • SilvaGro Quesnel is located in the BC central interior, which is in the heart of the forest industry. The nursery's central location, directly on highway 97 provide good access to all parts of BC and Alberta.
  • Quesnel is known for having the warmest climate of BC's central interior.
  • Since its beginning in 1985, SilvaGro Quesnel has increased its annual production to approximately 18 million seedlings.
  • The facilities consist of 27 free standing greenhouses and an energy efficient gutter-connected greenhouse consisting of 39 bays.
  • The site has 155 520 square feet of blackout area, of which the entire area can be blacked out at once, or in sections as small as 12 960 square feet.
  • The Quesnel site also has sufficient cold storage facilities to be able to store 70 000 cartons over winter.
  • SilvaGro Quesnel entered into a partnership with West Fraser's Quesnel River Pulp facility, whereby the nursery utilizes effluent from the pulp mill to generate heat for approximately 60% of the gutter-connected greenhouse. The effluent heat system is able to maintain a greenhouse temperature of 22C, even if outside temperatures drop to -20C. The system enables the nursery to use clean energy to produce seedlings by minimizing CO2 emissions.

Juniper Beach

5320 Highway 1
Walhachin BC
V0K 2P0
phone (250) 457-7676

Map to Juniper Beach

SilvaGro Juniper Beach:

  • SilvaGro Juniper Beach nursery successfully grew its first crop of 3.5 million 1+0 spring plant pine seedlings in 2002. Today we have the capacity to grow 29 - 30 million seedlings.
  • The nursery was constructed in order to produce low cost, high quality spring plant Pine seedlings. The exceptional climate allows all the seedlings to be outdoor grown, thereby reducing costs, but not compromising quality. In fact, the high light levels and low humidity promote healthy, well-balanced seedlings.
  • We are also able to successfully produce outdoor grown larch and are currently conducting trials to determine the viability of growing outdoor compound spruce at Juniper Beach.
  • Juniper Beach is located directly on the Trans-Canada hwy, 23 km east of Cache Creek and is the nearest outside compound nursery to the Central Interior of BC.
  • Preference is given to storing Juniper Beach grown seedlings at SilvaGro's cold storage facilities in Quesnel.
  • If required, seedlings can be shipped to Quesnel Nursery for fall lifting. This avoids seedling damage due to severe cold events.



275 Lear Road
Quesnel, BC
V2J 5V5
Tel: (250) 992-8631

5320 Highway 1
Walhachin, BC
V0K 2P0
Tel: (250) 457-7676