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Forestry Seedlings

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Our core business is the production of container seedlings.​

Container grown seedlings have the following benefits:

  • It has an intact, fibrous 3d root system.
  • Higher physiological function, resulting in a better quality seedling.
  • Reduced transplant shock.
  • Better survival rate and early growth.
  • This all results in seedlings that can be planted later in the growing season.

​Our main growing season are the following:​

Sowing Date Planting Date Species
January / February Late June to August Spruce, Pine, Douglas-Fir
March / April / May Following Year late April to mid June Pine, Larch, Spruce, Sub-Alpine Fir, Douglas-Fir


​Our main stock types include the following:​

  • PSB/PCT - 512, 412A, 412B, 411B, 410, 310B, 309A.

Cold Storage

Cold Storage in QuesnelTrees in BoxInside the Cold Storage

We have three cold storage facilities (all situated in Quesnel).

We can provide cold storage facilities for seedlings that were produced, both by SilvaGro or other Nurseries.

These trees are lifted in the fall and stored over winter. They are then thawed and prepared for planting the following spring.


Reforestation Consulting

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